Lonely Wife Of Workaholic

I am married to a wonderful man, however he feels he has to work all the time. He owns his own buisness and works from daylight 5am- 8pm 6 days a week and on sunday he does things his sister needs done. He spends more time with his sisters than me and his son.
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im looking for a FWB throw the week in the Des Moines Iowa

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It's good to know that I'm not alone - I'm married to a workaholic wife. When she's not at work, she'll spend all day Saturday on the computer. She doesn't like to do anything social with me except go to the movies or the gym, never likes to have people over, goes to bed at 8pm every single night because she's so tired from work. We sleep in separate rooms because I go to bed later and it wakes her up. Her interest in sex left her years ago. I guess we get in a rut and this becomes our normal.

so what r u looking 4.i can help u with any sexual urges or needs u have if interested

i am free you talk to me