I Have No Emotional Support Or Companionship From My Husband

My husband doesn't appreciate all that I do for our family. He is selfish and acts like a jerk at times. I cannot make him understand myself. He doesn't come to bed with me to sleep but just uses me for sex. He is addicted to internet, ****, music and movies. He takes pictures of women at all time whenever he gets a chance. He also doesn't have a job these days and with all these issues of his I am still sticking with him and he still doesn't discuss with me before going out with guy friends. He doesn't like to tell me his plan or what time he would be back home when he goes out. Hardly picks up his phone when he is out like that while I am home with my son and all week I work hard at my job. I keep thinking he will change and start changing his ways and I have seen a very slight and slow change in him over the years but honestly its not enough. I need to be able to enjoy without him and have friends and have fun without him but I can't, I have tried but I just can't. I was raised like this to have family and have fun with family instead of friends. He was obvoiusly not raised knowing any family values or ettiquites. I feel done with him at times but I love him too much to leave or I am too scared to leave.
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1 Response Oct 1, 2011

Men like this are not Mature masculine (make good husbands). They are Lover or Prince (terrible husbands) Google it..