Im alone i feel, my husbands been wkin nites n he been talking to a girl on phone! I caught him! He wont admit to. Nothing! I know for him to go that first step, hes no longer happy with me... I was happy.. I neva asked him for much, or hassled him to be with me.. But now i realized its ova!! Not on my end. He jus wants me around cause it costs too much$ to get rid of me!!!! He truely dont love me... He was starting to have a thing with this girl if he didnt already! I look in his eyes n kno he really domt want me.. He lies to my face. Then finally tells me a diff truth... I kno marriage has its ups n downs. But i guess i neva really knew how he was feelin n he would act onn it!!! He broke my heart! I will neva love him the same! He is not pure to mee. He is a coward who wont admit his wrong doings. He lnows its cheatin talkin with other grls. He told me he wAs wrong! Just release me if u no longer love me! But he wont! Im goin through soo much this past 6 months or 6 yrs too, with personal stuff. He has no sympathy for me or care! Guys did he eva love me???? I dont want to wonder who he be with all the time, this isnt called marriage any longer! N. i dont want it!!!
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Not much more i can take, need to feel love badly. Feel all by myself, like im waisting my time with him. He does nothing for me. He did me wrong 2x i kno of n hes not botherin with me!!!! Lol all he has to do is tell me to go screw off! Better then no words at all!!

It hurts so badly to feel jealous of other woman he gives his time too! It should be me!!