Cheated And Taken 4r Granted

ours was a kind of marriage where we were more of friends kind of fairy tale then found my husband was hooked 2 **** days nnight lots of fights followed physical as well tried ending my life didnt think about my kids but nothing happened nor changed shut my mind n heart in a way accepted it though it was very difficult npainful seeing him ************ with me sleeping by his side though whenever we ve sex im aroused n satisfied though it is always when he wants sometimes frequency is good or poor he loves me made me feel important is very demanding in all arenas tries to make up fr little time he has is vvvery busy now ve found he had telephone friendship with one of r employees he is fond of her but no sexual encounters since last 2 years idont know what t do what t believe he is constantly apologising n telling that im the most imp one but cant believe him im soooo hurt icant talk to anybody pl help me
shivparvati shivparvati
36-40, F
1 Response Aug 21, 2012

poor you babe. hugs