A Single Mom Who Just Happens To Be Married.

My husband and I have been together for 16 years. We have 3 children together, and he has 4 from his first marriage. I make 100% of all decisions about our children. I ask his opinion about everything, but his answer is always to tell me to do what I think is best. He can easily go a full day without even speaking to the kids, his kids are all older and only speak to me, not him. He is becoming more and more distant with me as well, and claims this is all just normal. His excuse about the way he is with the kids, is that he didn't have a father growing up. Even so, he should know how to be a human being. Hell, I grew up in a home without a father and a mother who wanted nothing to do with me, yet, I am a great mom. The kids and I laugh and joke and goof around all the time, but he won't join in. A while back he was out with some of his friends who decided spur of the moment to take their kids to a park for the day. He went along with them, but didn't bother with taking our kids. When I found out later, he just said it didn't cross his mind. I've thought of leaving numerous times, however, if I do I know he will never keep in touch with the kids. Sadness is becoming anger. I worry, how long before anger becomes hatred?
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I would just bet he is seeing someone else !

I know the feelings you have all too well. My husband can emotionally distance himself from any situation and never takes off the combat boots figuratively speaking. After his deployment, he's not my husband anymore. He is a blank soldier "just doing what people do in life to get by," when i asked why did he marry me if this is how it was going to be? I left him and took our daughter. He cries for us back but i wont lose my ground and give in anymore, he's going to have to try and prove his love. It sounds cold but I've proven myself time and again and i need to know that it hurts to lose me the way i lost my love bug. I can't fall back in to my wants and sad thoughts unfulfilled by loneliness of a marriage to a soldier that lost his taste for lufe in the war. I look up to you for taking care of thoar children that are not biologically yours. You have my respect and my prayers. I hope things work out.