my husband is too busy and there is no love or romance. we have 2children who adore him I think thats y I stay with him. my emotio
_nal needs and support arent there from him and im starting to look elsewhere for attention :(
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build you inner strength say to yourself that you are a beautiful girl and that you have many qualities, don't see your weaknesses just see your strength and believe in that and never get cowed by somebodies saying that you are inferior, with your husband don't quarrel, be soft but firm.

Hey. I got a solution for u. If u want to take my help. Inbox me

please don't cheat on your husband.

Wht ur contact no. Monica?I need to contact u I think

I can understand ur feeling but u ll ve to be more stronge emotionally I'm wth u you can ask me anything

ok can u contact me i think i can help u .

i m gone , far to the sea, like a bird , no piont of return

and u gor it! attention from a socialpath