Life Sucks For Now!

One day I hope to fall in love again. I hope I find a real man that knows how to treat a woman right! My husband works 24/7 and when he gets home from work he totally neglects me! I don't feel love and I feel so lonely! We have two kids.. 5 and
7. All my husband does is complain about every little stupid thing. Plus if one of the kids get hurt from playing or something he'll yell and curse at me. He would blame it on me and say it was because I wasn't watching them and busy on my phone! Not true!! He's a big jerk! Let's name him Jerk. The jerk is also addicted to ****. I don't know how to leave the jerk. He always curses at me because he blames everything on me. The jerk has no patience either! I think I'm pretty. I fix myself all the time, have dinner always ready and take great care of the kids! I wish and dream about this big handsome man coming to rescue me and kicking the Jerks ***! Women If you have sons raise them right and raise them to be men! We don't need anymore Effed- up husbands! The Jerk will get his day one day! It will be too late!! I know there is a great guy out there for me. I want a man to love me, give me all the attention I deserve. I want to feel in love again and feel butterflies in my tummy. I want my heart to beat again. I want to laugh again. I want to be adored. I want to be hugged and kissed again. I want to have real sex not just used sex! I want a man to show the jerk he will never have me ever again! I want a protector Not an abuser. I wish the man I will have one day will say" I will never let him hurt you again!" And the jerk will suffer the pain and agony I went through. What goes around comes around! keep that in mind ladies!!! btw..he's a great dad but the worse husband!!

My love is out there somewhere and I know I will find him one day!
Neglected12345 Neglected12345
31-35, F
Dec 8, 2012