So Alone

I married my husband when I was only 18. My friends just disapered after that. Well after 2 kids and 21 years of marriage I feel more alone than ever. My husband works long hours at work and when he is home he is sleeping . I have no one to talk to about my feelings. Sometimes I feel so selfish for having these feelings because he is working so hard to provide for his family . He has no control over the hours he works and I know he would rather be home. This fact just adds to my guilt. He calls me everyday at lunch bit our conversations are so generic. We say the same thing every day. I guess our marriage has just lost its spark. I have checked into finding friends online which makes me feel lame and guilty . I haven't talked with anyone yet but the thought of me doing so makes me feel like a bad wife. I sometime feel like I am being swallowed up by darkness and loneliness.
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Hey. I got a solution for u. If u want to take my help. Inbox me

you dont have to be lonely i will be your friend come chat
if you want to vent come on as long as someone makes you smile your still fighting and only in your heart you know the answer its what you feel that will make your decision

hi you noticed tat ur lost ur friends after ur marriage, ur hubby was not realising. If we can't share feelings with anyone surely we feel lonely, depressed lot of psychological problems we must face. Better find a friend in online. Than only u vl see changes in ur life. Best if luck. God bless u.

Dont feel guilty about talking to someone online if it will make a difference in your marriage. remember you arent looking for a date or another partner but someone to talk to that will listen and have an understanding from where you are coming from. You see your hubby is so tired and busy with trying to secure hios own position in life that he has forgotten what it is like to think about his wife and family. You need a friend indeed.

I was married too at 18 and have been married 22 yrs. I was pregnant when we got married and then had my son. my kids are older now and gone with friends alot. I totally understand. I feel like we hardly talk and he seems to be too busy doing things for his family and Im left alone alot. I cry alot and get terrible stomach aches. I feel like i have to force him to spend time with me or to even sleep with me. he tells me he loves me but idk what to think.

It is very easy to lose track of direction in amarriage and I think because most people fail to work at their direction they get lost in the work and hustle and bustle of eveyday life and people are tired from work and stress and we see this each and every day but good sound conversation with someone who will listen and respond with a positive side of things will make all the difference in the world. Talk to somebody let your feelings be heard and then see the difference as you talk and let it all come out. Try it it will work trust me.

hi! dont be get upset. if u filling very lonely u can chat with mee.

Hello, maybe we could chat sometime if you're so lonely? :)