WOW! tonight was def. intresting.... Me and my best friend Hope walked to the store down the road to get gum. On the way she called her ex boyfriend and wanted him to give her some cigarettes. I dont want her seeing him because he mistreated her soo bad. He even threw a knife at her once in anger and missed and hit the gun cabnet. He is a BIG butthole to her. I have seen her cry and been there for her every single time. I love her with all my heart and it crushes me to see her get hurt like that...she is only 14 and she thinks she is in love with this guy. He met her tonight and she wanted to talk to him alone...i got really mad at her because i dont want her to have anything to do with him because i dont want her hurt. I ended up just leaving her down the road with him. Then i called her and we fussed and fussed. She hung up...she said she was coming back over to my house in like 5 minutes, i didnt want anything to happen to her so i yelled at her more for not coming back when she was told. (dont think im a bad person read the rest before you judge) When she finally got back about a hour later... i was pissed! Her ex came with her too....i fussed at him for hurting her and she was trying to defend me and keep him from walking away or losing me. She will NEVER lose me I LOVE HER with all my heart....she is like a baby sister to me. I wouldnt let her go tonight. The ex ended up crying and talking to me and apologizing to me for hurting her and said he was really trying to change. I am giving him another chance for her and i told her i loved her alot and i was always there for her no matter what even though i yell....its only because i love her so much and hate to see her get hurt. Im really hoping that she wont get hurt again and that he was serious when he apologized.  Tonight was a very hard night....i was in the same situation a while back with my ex boyfriend who couldnt be faithful to best friend was who i was tonight...fussing at me for hurting myself because he loved me with all his heart. I know what he felt like now and i have 250% more respect and appriciation for him now than i had before...and that is ALOT! I texted Bradley immediatly and told him thank you for saving me and im so sorry i put him through that and i love him soo much! I guess you dont truely see why best friends do what they do until you see it from their point of view. To everyone out there.... Dont take your friends for granted...they do love you! Let them know you love them and appriciate them because you never know when it may be too late.



fabulousashley fabulousashley
18-21, F
Mar 12, 2007