My Friend Told Me I'm A Nervous Person

I must be a nervous wreck.  Is nervous the same as anxious or phobic or panic?  This sucks because I think I have all of them!   My friend told me I'm a nervous person, so of course I'm trying to analyze it  because I have OCD too.  So now I'm paranoid that everyone must think I'm a walking, talking freak or something.  I know I shouldn't care about what people think but I worry about it anyway.    I guess I'm just a full blown basket case 

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36-40, F
2 Responses Oct 27, 2009

I can relate to this, countless times I have felt people are constantly judging me and they can see straight through me. So I'm super conscious of what I say, how I say it and overall how I present myself. Goshh it's sooo annoyingg! I started doing some research on how not to over-think and analyze the situation, at times it seems people are focused on us, but they too are more than likely concern with their manners and ways, that they overlook ours. Another way to control your nervous anxiety attacks is to concentrate on your breath and say positive affirmations..those help if you say it from your heart.. like nobody's juding me, I'm hot.i'm sexy.. I rock.. soo boooyaaaaa!! (this is my very own, its not feel free to use it !!) ;D

same here, its running my life. everything i do. i get so nervous i studer when i talk so i keep it short lol and i use to sweat a lot until i bought Secret's clinical strength deodorant lmao...its horriable . i know ppl think im weird but i think some only talk to me because im pretty and they just want to walk with me to make them look good haha...yeah.