Necessities For An Open-mind

Since I was very young I have spoken openly about my beliefs and controversial thoughts. I grew up with a father who was a bookworm with an interest in the occult. On the other hand my mother was practical and focused on what is deemed 'acceptable' by society. Being raised by two very controversial personalities, I learned to speak in such a way that was tolerant of both sides. But that is not to say I'm a diplomat.

I believe in what I believe and always have. I don't think that will ever change. I'm lucky that my stubborness doesn't rule my mind. I've also been involved in  every possible tradedy and difficulty you could possible imagine.

I became very good friends with people who were involved in drug abuse. We have our disagreements, but I would never consider turning my back on them. A friend of mine was raped. She came to me for help because in her words she knew I wouldn't "judge her". There was recently a suicide in my family brought on by mental illness. People's ignorant views on suicide  always ignites my temper. There is a history of alcoholism in my immediate family that I learned to accept at a young age. I have stable friendships with chirpy over-achievers and depressed goths. Believe me, the differences are only skin-deep.

All of these things have forced me into an open-minded liberal and compassionate (if jaded!!!) person. And though it wasn't easy and these experiances left a stain on my soul, I wouldn't have it any other way. It's only a shame that it took all of these messy scenes to make me see the goodness in even the most 'tainted' people. So far I haven't met anybody without prejudices. It's a sad thought.

Faile Faile
18-21, F
2 Responses Jun 11, 2007

I understand exactly what you mean. i have learned that the more spoiled a person is, the more closed their mind tends to be. i try to nullify all of my prejudices but as you say, i tend to hold a couple.

Hi I think you have to be a very strong pearson to deal with things as you do and for that I give you a smile and shake your hand,..<br />
keep it up and stay strong,.<br />
Love and light will guide you to the love and light that you truly deserve,..<br />
Phoenix xx