My Mind Is Open So Come On In!

I try and keep my mind as open as possible. I try and listen to everyone's point of view and see things from there side before commenting on their beliefs or thoughts about something. I'm also willing to learn new things and I don't treat people badly if I don't agree with something.

So I do like to think I'm very open-minded.

Sometimes if I'm having a heated discussion with someone I often change my mind and agree with them because I've suddenly seen it from their point of view.

Am I explaining this right? It's late and my brain isn't working at full power.

Anyway yes I'm open-minded and I hope I always will be!

UnseenBlossom UnseenBlossom
18-21, F
5 Responses Nov 19, 2008

Does this open mindedness only means talking and discussing about any topic in general.<br />
or are you actually gutsy to implement any of those in your life.<br />
e.g. posing topless in **** walk.. would you ever try do that ??

Being open minded does not mean being a ****. Why do people keep asking these questions? I think you should be looking for a group about sexually open-minded people not generally open-minded people. You'd probably get a better response.

I don't really like talking about sex online with people I've never met (or just randomly bringing it up in conversations irl either). Sorry...I guess.

do you like talking about sex. Telling sexy stories. sharing your self sexually (not neccarily touching but could be) What sexual things do you think about. Are you open to new things? what way?

Are you open sexually as well?