Passion Of Fire

My skin
It is flantic flame
Touching your...
Incessant needy body
Accelerating your heart rate
By every single fingertips

My body heat
Crackles by your touch
And in every spot
Elevating the summit
The mountain of pleasures
Freeing the world of fantasies

A delicious cuddling
In a loving brush
Of your thighs between mine
Hands on the "hills" of desires
Locking gazes of hunger
Taking me into your  "thirst"

Tying me to you as one
As anchanted snake
Wrapping around tight
In a fear of losing me
Leaving marks of a bond
Craving more, retain

In the sheets of the bed
Brushed as a paint
Of an invented painter
Creating a sublime watercolor
Made of fluids and groans
Hugs and kisses poured
Passion...of fire.
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5 Responses Nov 13, 2012

The greatest artist could only dream of an inspiration as profoundly beautiful as you. Princess of tenderness and of light.

I sense the fire in you.
Oh my...


The Flames of passion are pulsing through me, Amazing.. ;)

Why am I suddenly sweaty?