Once a Victim, Now a Fighter

I was never willing to take responsibility for the negative things that happened in my life.  It was always someone else's fault.  I was afraid to look inside and see who I really was and it was so much easier to blame everything on the world around me.

Several years back, a good friend turned me onto The Four Agreements around the same time my last marriage ended.  The book and wanting to begin my life anew helped me to see that I wasn't really so bad and that it was actually good for me to realize I'd made mistakes and didn't need to beat myself up about them.  That was when I began to view everything as a learning experience and actually enjoy what I once thought of as a chore.

I can handle just about any scenario now; I'm good at finding the silver lining and have accumulated much wisdom from the countless mistakes throughout my life.  I appreciate those that love me and those I love so much more than before.  And I'm allowed to screw up with no major repercussions.

For me, the glass isn't half full.  It's pretty much full from my point of view.

silkcorduroy silkcorduroy
46-50, F
1 Response Mar 23, 2009

Good story... thanks for sharing :)