My Privacy Is Very Important To Me

I am an extrovert and very playful,people seem to mistake that quite often for me being very open about myself and my life.But in reality I am a very private person.It takes a while for me to let people into my life,to let them know all about me. For example, where I was born,my relationship with my parents ,where I live ,my friends.On a first meeting with someone, I will usually ask a lot of questions and listen, but I don't give too much away about myself.It will take a while for me to write stories about myself here on EP as I am not sure how much I want to give away:-( that's just the way I am.) Its not to say I don't lead a very interesting life.......I really do :-) I guess it may take me some time........
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Hi sweet gal.
I remember you on Answerbag.

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Well...usually reporters have a similar trait....they interview people when they meet them....but it's also a subtle form of human kindness to be more interested in others rather that speaking about oneself......maybe you just love people more than you think?

Mystery in a woman is great. Don't change. You are perfect the way you are.

nothing wrong with keeping your feelings and thoughts close...share what you care hun.

that is so beautiful - please add me - hope you find me interesting as well

ok ..done :-)

How are you? I too, like to listen & observe. SO much can be gleaned for watching.

You sound a lot like me. I will share a few things early, but mostly I listen. In time, I will share more, slowly, as I learn who I can trust and who I can't. It's hard to break that habit, even here, where no one knows me....


Hi dear friend I would read and write to u but here I don't feel free myself so I give u my email: I'll waiting for you. Bye and Happy Easter!

I don't know where you live but if it's anywhere on earth you no longer have that luxury. It's the NSA's responsibility to know every thing about you which could be a 100,000 counting contractors and politicians. They have super computers designed to track your every movement. I don't believe Obama for one second when he says he put a stop to they're illicit behavior. They didn't spend 2 billion dollars on that state of the art toy just to moth ball it. They are capable of watching you all day every day no mater what your doing or where you go. If you can prove me wrong, please do.

I would enjoy getting to know you a little bit more. Go ahead and add me.

This is very common of the british

i am some what the same i keep to my self a lot some things are best not talked about and some people its best to stay away from

Im always listening too! If people talk about themselves a lot then I can know all about them and their family history and they wont know anything about mine...some people love the sound of their own voice! Im also extrovert, but when I know someone well. :)

Yes, that's annoying! Everything I say, I mean. I just dont say everything Im thinking!

I agree with you, I am the same way. Just very selective of whom I let get really close to me.

I just wanta know one thing :) lol are all the british women as sexy as her is ?? oh would you mind adding me ??

:-) just added..

thks bunches for the add darlings :))) checked your pic.s & you are sexy as hell in that blk dress :) mmmmmmmmmm

Me too :)'s best way of leading your life. One should open the heart only to those who are really close and dear... Many people just try to use you for their own benefit... I really appreciate the way how you do this... Most important thing you should know the measure...

I'm rather private as well. EP allows me to be a bit more open than I normally can. Your emphasis on privacy is truly understandable.

thank you ..some people just don't seem to understand it:-)

read your story about Kim Kardashian & honestly I would pick you over here any dam day of the week:) .could u please add ??

Totally understand your point of view. I am very similar.

An introvert, I'm a half & half, half introvert & 1/2 pervert. There are things that I don't talk about, but mostly I would answer any question people dare ask. Your probably wise to not open up untill you know who your dealing with, besides every thing you put down on the net is being analyzed and stored in a super computer somewhere in Utah by the nsa. But like they say if your not doing anything wrong you don't have anything to worry about, I wonder how many secrets their hiding. Sorry, I just ramble sometimes. Nice to meet you.

Same there no one will get to know me untill i get comfortable with them and have a nice, also i prefer to meet older people,educated, so i could get lessons from their experiences

pretty cool story & its nothing with wanting your privatice either :) like your avatar pic. is that a see threw blouse your wearing ??
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I respect that! Would you consider adding me?

I'm an enigma: part introvert, part extrovert & like a post @ midway, I thought I'd already replied to this

Most likely, I replied by PM

Now to see your other 2 stories

I'm an introvert but most people wouldn't know that because I can be very gregarious. I always ask a lot of questions when I meet people and don't mind at all when all they do is talk about themselves. I prefer it that way.

would love to be your firned though as I am the same way !! EP is a secret for me and I dunno just seen you around the site alot so we must have something in common right ??

Same here, though there is plenty I let be known, there is more I don't right off the bat.

Hello! just go with the flow, less is more in my experience. just go with your gut feeling what you want to divulge, you are a real lady. love having you in my circle. T

I also like to be private and only like share views with only those friends who are like minded

I agree, i dont share alot of personal things either. just a one dimensional view on some experiences that is only a small part of who i am as a person ! yet , if you want to share some personal things? it is rather annonomous here. so vent if you desire. peter

does that make you any different to everyone else or is that I think the same as you do

I think you think the same as I do..some people have no problem telling all about them selves to complete strangers( like on here ) :-)

on here I am anon so it doesnt bother me but in the real world I am quite reserved.

Quite right to take care, but your privacy settings here on EP are preventing other members from contacting you (whiteboard & messages) so how can we chat with each other? Only way is for you to either change your settings or add me as a friend & join my circle :-)

I added you as a friend :-) Now you can contact me..

Yes I totally understand this. I only open up when I get to know someone.

Me too :-)

I am a private person too, and it completely seems to backfire on me.

I am agree with you!!! but sometimes you need to share out something rite?

Sometimes its healthy..

Extraverts are generally reserved, their confidence does not need boosting whilst intraverts like myself feel the need to be effusive and ebullient, often impulsive with a desire for popularity. I feel sure the special qualities I have surmised in you thus far, will emerge when the time is appropriate.

you are so right,fits me.the intravert part.

I agree :-)also

Bornabrit, I empathize with your prioritization of privacy. At least to me, when an acquaintance has matured sufficiently that the other finally entrusts me with his/her confidence, I always feel both humbled and gifted.

Yes, we needed to know about black lace, very natural to get full imagination. Works great with red hair and great figure.

:-) I know Chelsea from another site..we fool around a lot..she is a lot of fun hhaha :-)

I could learn from you, but I am an introvert, unless I know the subject matter.

Yes, I can often be the same way! (Though I am not outgoing.)

I understand this. In many respects I am quite outgoing, but I value my privacy and do not discuss my personal life for the most part here. Good for you for being clear where you stand on this :-)

EP is a place where I can let parts of me show, and not others. And the personal stories I share are ones I wouldn't necessarily share with people who know me in "real life." I treasure the mix of familiarity and anonymity. It's just what I need sometimes. I have no doubt that you have a fascinating life. And I'll look forward to learning as much as you care to share. But if you prefer not to, I understand, and I can see many reasons why you'd keep private this way. I'll still love to see the questions you ask!

Well that is okay,you have but time to open up and share when you are ready.I also ask lots of questions but I am open and very extroverted in all aspects of my life.<br />
Thanks for sharing this about you Bornabrit!

welcome..not much I know but ? its a start :-)