Private Or Lonely

When my husband still alive, we do things together. We don't have many friends, we don't go out party with group of people. We actually enjoyed our quiet time together. People say we are really private people. We are, we don't like to social. now my husband is gone, I looked around, I don't have many friends. One of my friend said, because you two were so private that is why you don't have many friends. Is it true? if you are a private person, that mean you won't have many friend?
missybv missybv
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2 Responses Sep 11, 2012

I'm so sorry you lost your partner. My husband and I are the same way as well, I can't imagen not having around anymore.

Yes it is, I know for a fact. My wife and I are the same way, and our trust is in each other. We have people we know, but you find out quickly that most others are to wrapped up in themselves more than having a false front of friendship. Frankly I like it that way, because there is no so called friends left to hurt either of us. None will pay your bills, give you a roof over your head, or really give a damn when you are gone.