Trust Issues

I have trust issues. There I said it! The secret's out!

I don't really even trust people, meaning my friends and in general, so I tend to keep many things to myself. I don't really want people knowing everything about me and I don't trust many people to keep those things about me private so I just stay private and 'mysterious.'

I also like my privacy such as I hate it when people look over my shoulder at my computer no matter what I'm doing on it, when people want me to tell them who I'm texting and what the conversation is about, and even getting assignments in English class to write a poem or share an experience that relates to a certain piece of literature with the class (and I usually lie about them because I don't want the people in my class that I don't like to know any personal information about me).

On EP, it's great because I can stay nameless and get these kinds of things off of my chest. Some of these things I keep private or secret just eat away at me and so EP really helps with that.
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1 Response Sep 14, 2012

Me too.