I Don't Understand Things That Go On Around Me All The Time

I have felt love for two guys who I'm not all that sure are the greatest people. I mean one is an in-need of anger management person and one is a calm angered person. One makes me lose control of myself and one doesn't I'm not sure which is best though, restriction or freedom. I love them both, but neither feel the same way(thank goodness). I just can't decide between one or the other though. One lives in Nebraska and One live in Oregon not far from me. I wish one of them would just use the control they have over me to tell me which to choose so i didn't constantly have it on my mind. My dreams emanate my dilemma I can't stop it nor can I force it to go away I need help yet I want to be left alone I wish I could just get this out of my head permanently I need it to seriously be gone. Love is something I have but do not want.
RNPsunshine RNPsunshine
13-15, F
1 Response Sep 15, 2012

I am going thru this. I truely understand. but I chose up. but still confused if I made the ryte choice or not