I Talk Less

I don't talk much about myself because sometimes, most of the times, I get judged and that makes me angry. They can tell so many things with just one detail, so I end up zipping my lips and waiting until the person becomes close to me.

One reason why I won't open up to that easily because there are people who back stabbed me and I realized I had enough of them. Even to my closest friend sometimes I won't tell them what I truly think of things. It just that I don't want to entertain conflicts. We are subject with our own viewpoints so I guess they should respect whatever I have in here.

I had a lot of trust issues that's why opening my feelings are not that easy. It takes a lot of time.

Though there are instances I bring out certain issues just to let them be aware of things. When it's needed I tell them, but if it will just be a source of intrigues I choose not to.

I talk less and it has made a difference. No mistakes, no criticisms. I only battle with myself.
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Sep 15, 2012