Privacy Is The Best Policy...or Is It Honesty?

The answer to the title question is apparently honesty but is it really?

We all moan if people share too much and say how they really feel about every little thing in their lives right?

From arguments with family to what to cook for dinner to the every movements of their pet hamsters "8:45 - hammy running in wheel" "8:50 - hammy is eating a peanut" - come on we all scream WHO CARES at some point right?

But what about when people don't open up at all? We beg them to share something - anything just the smallest thing.

So what is it? Honesty or privacy? I think it's both - you have to find the right balance you don't want to bore people with ya problems or go on and on about mundane stuff but at the same time if you are to have a friendship or relationship with a person you should be able to share things.

I try not to reveal too much, I prefer if there is something a person wants to know about me or my life they ask - there's nothing in my past I won't talk about but only if people want to know, it's different here I think but even here I try to word my stories in a specific way because I try not to let anything I've been through affect me negatively - I did all that once before. I'm not here to moan about my life its been tough but everything happened for a reason and made me stronger so I'm not ashamed of any of it

Once you have the balance of opening up but not pushing it to lengths of being annoying you are set for life. I hope I have found the right balance but regardless I am a private person in most situations.
SimplyMiisUnderstood SimplyMiisUnderstood
22-25, F
Dec 13, 2012