What the Hell Is It With People On This Site

Seriously this site is predicated on anonymity people create a user name and use it for a variety of reasons to rant about their lives, share their deepest fears, tell their darkest secrets, get amateur help and support for  any number of disorders and ailments, talk about anything and everything things they would not expose to those in their real lives. 

However, even with the anonymity of this site, i have had people all through it asking for my name (first name only) but still and worst yet when i tell people i do not give my name (any part of it) out because this is the Internet and its NOT safe they act like i am so paranoid schizo case who belongs in a straight jacket, someone who has lost their mind or is completely anti social. 

Friends end up unfortunately being the WORST about this it inevitable becomes this huge ball of hurt feelings offended and irritated  people who  accuse you of not trusting them they then plead with you to do so or say things like maybe someday you'll trust me. Others will try to harangue it out of you (in what they assume is a good natured way) saying wouldn't it bring us closer and proclamations about how you can trust them, how long you've been friends, how they won't hurt you then are still unnerved when you won't tell them. 

Some goofy sorts try to give you a name or worse a silly nickname apparently to ease their fears or talking to nothing or just to give you (what they think) is a good natured hard time about not opening up  

What i want to know is WHY, why on a site built for anonymity everyone is asking your name why is it so hard for people to understand that this is the Internet it is NOT safe to hand out personal information of any kind WHY is it soooooooooo hard for people to understand it has nothing to do with whether or not i trust you it has to do with exactly what i said??? You then say you do trust them as much as you would anyone you have not seen in person and  they pull back and talk about giving you as much time and space as you need while others are still hurt and offended and there is now rift (however small) in a friendship that was doing fine 

There are the ones who you would have sworn woke up and took crazy pills everything was fine (as far as you knew) and then they blurt out all this nonsense about how you don't trust them enough

And I'm wondering why on a site that gives you anonymity, in a place where you are free to share or not i am being cajoled into sharing things i don't want to, why my user name isn't good enough for all of you  why everyone is so hurt and betrayed because i won't tell them something that isn't their business and their are legitimate reasons not to share 

And why do i end up feeling like the friends i had i wonder if i can trust, wondering if i can feel safe with them anymore and i wonder why all of the sudden it became the biggest deal in the world that you know my name that it is some unspoken rule of deeper friendships here and when you don't give it some act like they are making some huge concession by giving you time and space or by remaining friends with you at all

WHY can't people leave it alone why can't they be happy knowing me by user name why must must a feel like I'm choosing between friendships and a comfort and safety level ?????????????


tulick tulick
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well you left it alone quick too unlike some

looks like I put my foot in my mouth quick. Couldn't have asked a dumber question of you if I tried, based on this post! *she giggled at her stupidity, not in the mood to beat herself up at the moment*...you are so right. THe internet is like a public toilet sometimes..would you tell your address to the person in the next stall just because they asked?

or assuming you have to give your name and state to become close freinds

always dude that lostprophet person needs to grow up

note to self: never **** you off

i never said i didn't want a friend <br />
<br />
i shouldn't have to give out my name its NOT safe and i won't give out a fake nsme <br />
<br />
and it's not a game

seekin attention yet again. <br />
first you don't want a friend, next somebody wants to only know your first name, not address ss#, only first name, you can make up a name if it's that serious. You need to grow up and get a grip on life. I mean-what's the point? you're not wanting attention because people are trying to befriend you-and you dont wanna provide your name, but you wont atleast give a fake name. Lol... damn dont you get tired of this game?


No worries Tulick. What I see is that people use this site for different things. The anonymity is what makes it so enjoyable, for me. Sometimes people want to be friends on a deeper level and leave the anonymity behind. If you aren't comfortable with that and they don't respect that, then move on. At that point, they are looking to create a type of friendship that you aren't looking for on the internet. HUGS

and what does that mean