Privacy Is a Strength Not a Weakness

I feel as if I'm in a intense culture war of privacy vs. self disclosure.  I am painfully private.  I am having some difficulties at work striking a balance between protecting my vivid inner private life from those that I feel would simply exploit it.   I do not have many friends at work because I just bury myself in my tasks and get my job done.  I am unconcerned about what movies someone watched over the weekend, what you eat at lunch, where you're going on vacation - Honestly, I just don't care.    I work with a much older group than myself and it seems like everyone is so keen on knowing things about my private life because I'm not interested in telling them anything that isn't work related.  It's gotten so extreme that when I lay down boundaries with the truly snoopy ones it offends them so much, as if  I would have the nerve to tell them to stop asking personal questions, that now they've deflected their anger upon me and labeled me "overly sensitive."  I am not comfortable being on social websites like Facebook because I feel people need permission to approach me for information that is obviously none of their business.  Sadly, it is always the private/reserved/keep to yourself types that get branded paranoid, untrusting or plain weird.  So many people in society have no idea what boundaries are and I'm frustrated at all the boundary crashing.  I really do feel like I'm in the middle of a battlefield trying to live a simply quiet life yet so many people just trample those who draw their peace from their privacy.  I'm super frustrated at the whole thing.  Privacy is not a sickness.  Introversion is not a weakness.  Not being transparent with people who make you feel uncomfortable does not mean your hiding something.  Being reserved does not make you uppity or insecure.  Unfortunately, these qualities - Privacy, introversion, being reserved are not celebrated they are merely tolerated. *sigh* - Thanks, I just needed to vent.

Zasia Zasia
Mar 16, 2009