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especially around people i don`t know. i just shut down,its like i can`t talk.people don`t understand that i am autistic,one man got extremly rude and insulting.which only made it worse.i am really quite at hime.my family has come in my room saying"we had to check to seeif your ok,it was to quite".if i get spooked i get quite,or when i am tired.my mom understands,but i think that it is part of the reason one of my grandparents didn`t want me around.

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4 Responses Mar 25, 2009

I am very quiet and withdrawn when people are around that i don't know as well. I realized that I'm not the only one that feels awkward in that situation though. When people aren't responding to their conversation "enough" or whatnot, it makes them feel that they aren't being appreciated or that they're being awkward somehow, and sometimes it makes them feel that the quiet person doesn't like them. So we don't know what to say, and they feel like we don't WANT to participate and or appreciate what they have to say.. I guess. That's my theory. I'm sure thats the case for some situations, but not all. <br />
So I guess that it's all just a misunderstanding. <br />
I have another theory as well. Lots of people talk too much, so it takes the extra quiet people sometimes to keep things in balance. : ) lol.

aww dont worry about it i have an autistic son and he is the most precious gift i have ever recieved people are ignorant to things they dont know about god forgive them

thank you,people just don`t understand i have a hard time opening up.

Aww. I am sure that those who really love you <br />
<br />
understand. No one is even close to perfect!! people <br />
<br />
that show thier ignorance should be ignored by you.<br />
<br />
My grandson is autistic and very quiet. He is also a <br />
<br />
beautiful , gifted soul. And I bet that you are too!!! I am<br />
<br />
sure of it! Good Luck