I'm not wealthy, my parents are. I'm not allowed to get a job because my mom won't allow it. I know it sounds stupid but I wouldn't mind a less wealthy family. I barely see my dad and me and my siblings rarely talk. I just feel like if my parents had a lower income that we would be a closer family.
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I feel ya.. to keep what i have i have to behaive juuuust right or I will get to go it on my own

I'm not wealthy but I barely see my parents, especially my father, he's a lorry driver who drives abroad, everyone has to work, income doesn't change the closeness of a family.

You ain't rich

Stumbling into wealth versus earning it makes the difference between conceitedness and modesty. My father is a cardiothoracic surgeon and my mother is a pediatric physician but I'd never post online that I was wealthy. I don't want people to like me because of that.

Just did

Even normal families have issues lol my family is average income and we still argue just like everyone else but yeah we do see each other. Makes going off to college kinda hard though lol :s