I Need Help Please.

Hi my name is Mary I am not  rich at all. I have lupus and I have a little girl she is 10 years old I need a car because when I get sick with this lupus I dont have a way to the doctor. and my disability check every mo. Doesn't pay all of my bills. My doctor said that I could go back to selling my produce. But I need money to get back on my feet. I need a ride to do that to .Doctor said I could do that as long as I stay out of the sun and away from flurcence lights I think that is how you spell that. I start hurting real bad. I have proof if you need it . I go to church and I pray alot for God to help me. Because if I don't get help soon me and my babygirl will be on the street. I own my mobile home But I am about to lose it. It's not paid for yet. Please someone help me.

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I am sorry you have Lupus... My best friend died from a Lupus episode when I was 17 so I know A LOT about what you are dealing with. I'm dead broke myself so I can't offer financial help, but if you'd ever like to talk send me a message.

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Check out a product called Reliv for the lupus

Go to social services and get help for your child this is not the place to ask for help