A Motivational Speech

HI i am a 20 year old male who started in a company when i was 18 that is called Vitamark wich you sell vitamin products like energy drinks, vitamin water and vitamin supplements etc. It's a line of work that you do out of your home. Now as of today it has made me a multi millionaire i feel very good in myself that i have accomplished so much already being the age of 20.


I will say this to everyone that reads my page " don't let anyone say you can't do something because of you're age, look or education" you can do anything if you put you're mind to it. I use to be poor and i said to my self "I have to do something to make something of my self" look at me now i did it so you can to.

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I am trying to raise money on gofundme and I also need $30. It's an emergency. I will give you the link to my gofundme page but my paypal is katielee7583@gmail.com. Thank you! http://www.gofundme.com/6i5mno

I agree 100%. Don't let anyone tell u what u can or can't do. Don't let their belief about u become ur reality. Good going dude.

I have been offered an opportunity to travel to China to enhance the life of children through education, and the english language. Due to financial hardship I need some assitance to be able to fulfill this mission. I believe my purpose on earth is to help and encourage the lives of others through giving more of myself, but learning at the same time. I want to put the idea of a better life in the minds of others without changing their culture or history. I also want to encourage improvements without sacrificing their way of life. The thought of traveling to another country to live and embark on a new way of life is more than exciting; it would mean everything to me. My passion is to help others especially children, and every little contribution makes me one step closer to achieving this goal. I believe that my generation can help change the world; I also believe that this change starts with me.Please help me help the children of China.Please view my campaignhttp://fundly.com/teaching-for-the-future

That's great, you deserve it.
Need some original music for your product advertizement? ha. I work hard but my talent isn't business, it's art - not as easy to make money out of. But I keep doing it and trying to get orders and albums.

Thank you I am actualy thinking about getting in this line of work with a very successful product/ company!!!

hey there...just came across your 'article' (great post by the way)... nonetheless i just wanted to say Thank You for the last paragraph, it really helped a lot! <br />
Bye ^_~

Right on go CANADA !!! (:

Whereabouts in Canada are you?

wow can i date you???...lol heheh your candian eh? right on!..me too...(: