It Was Just A Dream?

i just woke up crying and with pain all over my heart, i just had a dream and it left me broken hearted. its not the first time and sometimes i like the dreams that i wake up from and that have driven me to tears. but this one was different, it was a dream i was have about my life or something that looked like my life. there was all the same people there(people i would never have dreams about) and they all acted like they would in real life. i woke up crying and the pain in my heart i was feeling and still kind of do feel felt just so real, no one would believe but it feels kind of good writing all this down some were.
amicawinters amicawinters
18-21, F
1 Response Sep 22, 2012

I'm glad to hear that expressing your feelings about the dream helped, at least a little. Even when nobody writes back to you, be certain that people do read them, everything gets read by somebody here. I've been stuck in such a poor social environment during the course of my life, that I am unable to express myself effectively. I'm completely out-of-touch with people. I don't even understand people any more, as all that they do seems senseless and self-abusive to me now. They are blind to the harm that they cause themselves and this is why they are blind to the harm they do to others. Its easy for me to see this from looking inside society from outside its window.