I really wish sometimes that I wasn't so sensitive and emotional.  I know they are traits which are endearing and can be good qualities.  I'd hate to be without sensitivity or emotion.

But, I just seem to get so upset sometimes and I get angry with myself for being so stupid and irrational.  

I can be strong and "there" for others ... but I just hate feeling so feeble at times. 

womaninbliss womaninbliss
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3 Responses Mar 16, 2010

yes marji ... I know I'm not alone with this ... thanks hon.

definitely gryfnn. I believe that too. I can be incredibly strong and full of advice for others, but sometimes I just lose it and feel so weak ... I am noticing these fluctuations in myself more recently ... I think it's a sign that there is a lot going on and I am going through many changes.

As I get older, I'm learning to adapt to that "weak" feeling that comes with age...It's a learning experience, like everything we encounter in this world. I can't help thinking that this life is a kind of school.