There Are (at Least) Two Of Me...

One guy is online here, sharing experiences, looking for other like-minded people. I love women, love having sex, enjoy exploring fantasies.

But wait a sec... over THERE... is this other guy. Oh, he's a professional computer guy! Tall, intelligent, nice looking, married, kids... NOBODY would ever believe that he has this other side. This professional guy treats women co-workers as equals, has never, ever come on to any of them... they probably think he's very straight-laced and up-tight sexually. It would blow their minds to know about the other side, the side that does check out their **** and *****, wonders what they would look like nude, wonders what their sex life is like.

The professional guy would seriously love to be able to approach some of these women, put on some moves, and perhaps find a willing woman. But no... he's entirely too shy. Honestly, he doesn't even KNOW how to approach a woman and find a way to get her into bed. Even if his life depended on it, he would probably rather die than go up to a woman he was attracted to and say, "Wow... you are one sexy lady," or something like that.

So... the flip side of the professional guy does get action once in awhile, but not terribly often. Most of the time, it's him and internet ****... fantasizing, ************ for the millionth time. Simply because he is, at heart, very shy.
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4 Responses Jul 19, 2010

Thank you, Suuny... nice comments! However, I DO have problems finding like-minded peoele on EP. I would have thought otherwise.... communication being so important and EP being the ultimate place to really open up and communicate in a manner that can be totally anonymous; but one can choose to go further if one does find a like-minded person.<br />
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Sometimes I think I might have shared a bit too much... lol... I do tend to be an open person, and love talking about anything.... and do! Some people are not that open even to themselves.<br />
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You, on the other hand... you might be among that 1%...

EP will help you open up, I am sure there are many like you, You shouldn't have any problem finding a like minded person. You come across a honest and trust worthy guy, thank you for being open say it like it is. When it comes to women, many are just the way you are, I have read stories from women who say they don't know how to flirt. Most of these women are divorced after being married for a number of years and have lost the charm of a young single girl. Read some of my stories and see if you like them.

I think you are talking about me here. I wish I knew how to talk to women in such a way to stir their desire for me as well.

Me! You are not alone.