This Definitely Applies.

Despite the fact that I'm shy to a near-crippling degree, I tend to have quite the voracious sexual appetite. It takes me a good while to get comfortable and be able to be completely open about things. I've never had a problem with reacting when someone else makes a move. Even so, it takes me a while before I get comfortable with assertively stating my desires or being the aggressor in a situation. 
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3 Responses Aug 5, 2010

this reminds me of a freind she was what you would call very liberated not a **** but liberated she had a very high sex drive but was very shy

Me too dear girl! I cringe at a room full of people, prefer to meet 1 on 1 (do much better then!)...and have all of these fantasies which I can't act on until I actually am able to meet someone who "understands" all of this...

:) Me too! It is a bit frustrating at times.