I Want, But Never Will

I have a vivid imagination and there are so many things that I would like to do, but would never dare to even talk about them in public, not even mentioning suggesting them to someone. Forbidden fantasies, I guess.

A few examples: I wan to give/receive oral sex in a stall of a public bathroom. I want to give a lap dance to a random man. I want to take a few friends swimming in the middle of night and have sex in the lake.

Will I ever do any of these things? Probably not. Even if it weren't me who would bring them up, I wouldn't dare. I don't want to get caught and am always a bit scared of what happens afterwards.

It's different when it's about real people and real emotions. There are so many things one should always think when interacting with each other... consequences, feelings and even reputation.

So my fantasies will probably stay inside of my head, unless I write them and then release to the dark pits of Internet. It's for the best, but still a shame, they would make great memories instead of just fantasies.
Fearofsilence Fearofsilence
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3 Responses Aug 13, 2010

There is also the other side of the coin.<br />
Once you achieve your fantasy, its no longer a fantasy.<br />
Its just an experience...<br />
I achieved a lot of my dreams. <br />
Now I find I need more to give me the same high I got.<br />
I agree with married2bf, just try to find someone, be they male or female,<br />
with the same interests and don't worry about time. <br />
Everything happens just the way it is destined to.<br />
Everything happens for a reason, so just be open to the reason, and learn from it.<br />
Enjoy the ride, when its the right time for you, You will find it easy to talk about anything and everything.

Your fantasies are very nice infact they can be real if the chance of getting caught on is nill.<br />
<br />
meanwhile why dont you get married and then you can share your dreams with him with full confidence .

You are quite young so your current situation is just that. :) find a good person to share your life with and your fantasies will become real. (at least those that are fun to try) My wife and I have done many of these in just the last few years...Now to get her to do a lap dance for a random guy :)