A Day To Remember

I'm not really that "shy" it depends on who i'm around when it comes to sexual stuff. but today i kinda broke out the shell. I had a friend over today (even though we planed to meet on friday) and he owed me some stuff. he needed money really and i gave it to him and he said he'd pay me back in anyway pretty much, and i decided to add another 40 seconds to the 18 i already had for giving him money before... (it was a kiss) anyway when he came we talked alittle and we played around with this big pikachu i have in my room. So i was touching him alot and getting really close.. i was trying to hold back but he would touch my breats every so offen and in return i'd rub him alittle... i almost forgot the reason he came til he said something. He was mine i could have him do anythign i wanted... never had that much control before. it was amazing. Pretty soon we started fighting over that pikachu again then i found somethign interesting. A weak point is what i call it.. right on his neck. i tease him with the point on his neck to get back my pikachu but then we started making out.. and he moved down to my neck biting lightly again.. amazing.

We did alot of touching and then i made a quick remark about his size (9 1/2in but i said it was small) he got up affened and stood in front of me then pulled it out.. god it was bigger then i thought >< after more talking and moving to the living room we counted down the mintues til he had to leave.. i didn't want him to go though.. we played around more on the couch and i slid my hand in his pants rubbing his tip... he almost passed out.. mosta been good ten i started to bite on the weak spot lighty, he liked it even more. He put his hand down my pants and played with my **** biting me back like i did him at first... i know i don't seem shy about all that happened but i was blushing like crazy and didn't know what to do really... we finished up though cause his friend had to come pick him up, we walked half way around town before he found us and we came back home and got his stuff...

i had such a great day today
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1 Response May 24, 2012

awww damn wish this was me hun