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Well here I am writing a story I'm not even sure how to start so I got to be honest about where I am in life right now. First I am guess you could say an alternate kind of guy, I refuse to allow myself to be bound by to many labels but I am defined very well as bisexual ! For the past 7 years I have been involved with a guy who is living with me, so much has happened in our lives I am not even sure how to define what we have. Believe me its not all good but I am never alone he is always with me unless Worse case seniero we are fighting , argueing, or just plan disagreeing we then seperate. I do Love him but I'm not sure if he understands love of another persons outside of family at all but I am patient and kind also understanding I love to communicate he does not ! The Only real bond we have is Spirituality and that is sometimes questionable. I want MY SOUL MATE and I want HIM or her NOW!
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sounds toxic. you can love someone whos not good for you. you can be separated for years and still have love for him. Love doesn't mean hes what you need.

So true How do I get him to understand that is it even possible

i can't help you there. my aunt was in a toxic relationship, over a decade after the divorce, after she's had a great relationship with her bf, he's still complaining and doesn't know why.

But I agree I will even say I should have ended it times But I am way to forgiving I believe and I used to be on my way down the same road he is traveling until somebody cared enough to speak up

well thank god for that.

trust me I am forgiving and patient too. but there is alevel between forgiving and being patient and being co-dependent. you guys, for obvious reasons (no offense) haven't had kidz together, so it should be MUCH easier for you god willing.

Right again Your honesty empresses me . Yes I am So thankful to God that there is no ring on the finger or children involved

yes, I hope everything works well no matter what decision you choose

Thanks I need as much positive energy and blessing sowen in the universe on my behalf as possible

I totally understand. its hard living with a negative pessimist. in my hubby's world, all the worlds evils are from devils, the devil's workers, the illuminati, blah blah blah. he can never enjoy himself, unless he's far away from me. never positive thinking. its always 'we're becoming slaves in the system, we're losers". god so depressing

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