I am doing something in the kitchen the guy comes up to me and plants a few kisses on my neck. Then he starts to caress me, his hands travel up to play with my breasts while he presses against me and shows how much he wants me by rubbing his hard c*ck against my bum. We would continue kissing and his hand would travel down my body to lift my skirt and discover that I am not wearing any undies and he would groan in appreciation. He dips his finger into my wetness to spread it onto my **** while he keeps rubbing around it in circles. I let my had touch his leg and travels up his leg to slowly rub him. I would unzip him and reach inside to take his c*ck and guide it to rub my **** and guide him in. As he starts to pick up speed and pounds into me hard he wraps his hands around me. i am so close, he can feel my p*ssy start to pulse against him, so he lightly bites my shoulder and that sends me over the edge as he follows. After we just stand there for a little bit while he is still inside of me, just enjoying the after shocks.
angellllll angellllll
22-25, F
Dec 9, 2012