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I believe myself to be more confident and open sexually than I've ever been.  Although I've never been reserved I think I'm far more uninhibited than I ever was when I was younger.  I guess that with maturity comes confidence and daring, at least I can say that it's true for me.

I don't think there's much I wouldn't try (at least once!) ... although there are a few things which don't interest me ... pee, poop and animals for a start ... or anything cruel or under-age of course ... and I definitely don't have a rape fantasy thank you very much. 

But aside from those things I am very open and willing to try new things, but I tend to have that attitude in life generally speaking, not just from a sexual standpoint.
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true Coyote ... <br />
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we each have our own conscience to answer to ... no-one and nothing else. Personally, I've never been inclined to be promiscuous .. it's not my style .. but I suppose it's down to how you define it too ... that definition will be different for each of us I'm guessing and will vary enormously ... especially between men and women I suspect.

Not really Rayreef ... very briefly during the 1980s ...

thank you CuriousSgt ... another like-minded soul.

yes ndd ... I think we see eye to eye ... ***blushes*** I'll have to think about that for a minute or two ...

Re the “open to most things sexually” approach: I often precede my response to this issue with “I did not like the taste or smell of Scotch the first, second, third or even the fourth time it was offered to me. But over time I’ve acquired a strong liking for single malt that forces me to pay upwards of $40 a bottle for it”. Hence I’m open to almost anything sexually and willing to sample it enough times to really decide if I can add it to my long list of pleasures. As you said WiB, there are limits and I find that activities involving pee, poop and animals hold no attraction for me. <br />
Aside from that I’m open. What do you have in mind?

Yes, it certainly sums up how I feel recently. EP is a good place to share and learn from, that's for sure. Thanks for your comment southernman.

Well said WiB I think you hit the nail on the head with it being a mindset of confidence.<br />
Hand in hand with that I believe is being more open-minded to new and different things.<br />
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Also here at EP there is a wealth of knowledge to draw on from wonderful and supportive people who are whiling to share.

thank you pamster and judderbunny ... there are a few like-minded folks on here (thanks heavens for that!!)

I could easily copy and paste your comments directly into a post of my own WIB -- <br />
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Thank you for sharing.<br />
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I also am pleased to add that EP has introduced me to one or two very special and interesting people