S.a.i.l (:

He looked me in the eyes. I got sucked into his beautiful blue eyes, i had no choice. He takes my breath away. He is a murderer with his own sexual fantasies. I can feel his lips run down my neck.oh how that turns me on. He knows what that does to me. He then kisses back up my neck and nibbles on my ear. That sends me into a quivering mess. I must have zoned out. My shirt is off now, so is his. I run my nails along his back. He lets out a ragged breath. He then pulls down my bra, allowing my boobs to fall out. He then continues to play with my nipples between his index finger and thumb. This is torture. He is about to kill me. I raise up and straddle him, pinning him to the wall. kissing gently down his stomach, i begin to un-button & un-zip his pants and i tug at his jeans and boxers until his hard penis is free. He is mine, all MINE now! Just remember payback is a B****! I lick him up and down his shaft twice. and STOP! ohh that bugs him when i do that. I keep that up a few minutes, and then straddle him once more. I lean into him,to whisper in his ear. "you want me so bad, dont you baby?"
"Yes, so bad." he replies.
I got him right where i want him. but what he doesn't know is he is in for the ride of his life. I am so ready to "destroy" him! <3
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Ur Amazing :)

Beautifully written...

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Nice story. Hot too!

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