Too Shy?

I think I might be a little too shy. I cannot participate in class or anything because I don't like to interact with people that much. I mean, I know my autism is part of it, but I think there is something else too. It wasn't so bad when I was little I would go around and interact like normal, but as I have gotten older it has gotten worse. It's too the point where I am so shy I can't even order at the drive through with out being really nervous. Nobody really knows about my autism in school, so people think I am either weird, crazy, hate them, or something else. But that is pretty much NEVER the case. I wish I could just talk to people and communicate like a normal person...
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4 Responses Nov 19, 2006

You are not alone, guys. I can really know all of you and what you really mean. I seem to hear you say "you too". Yes, mee too. I can't believe that. Whatever I have done to get rid of it, it's still with me. It's very hard for me to interact with people, especially if I'm in a crowd.Oh it's like a nightmare. I know I should get rid of it immediately. <br />
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We should strive to get rid of it and do our best for that, guys.<br />
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Struggling must go on!!

Online I tend to be very chatty, over here mainly because I can talk about stuff I really don't want many others to know. In real life I often need to be pushed to talk to anyone.<br />
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Writing is also easier since I have at least 3 different people shouting trough my head and it gives time to think. (Not to mention how often I need spellchecker in this) <br />
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So definitely, you are not allone :)

Same here. easier in writing than talking. Why don't know.<br />
just hang in there you may find improvements. good luck

"I wish I could just talk to people and communicate like a normal person" Same here. A long time wish I hope comes true some day. I'm the same way except I don't have autism so I have no excuse, just way too shy.