Shoe Shopping With No Panties, No Bra, Short Skirt And Low Cut Flimsy Top

My guy, he is wonderful and loving BUT he loves to humliate me and / or to show me off, combo of both is his favorite

One of his pleasures is when I want new shoes, and I love shoes. He makes me earn them.

I have to dress sexy, short skirt, no panties, flimsy top no bra and that is almost enough to get me into trouble as I am busty with sensitive nipples, so people look at my full breast becasue of size and cleavage, that makes me excited and my large nips immediately become erect and obvious thru my top and i have no way to hide them, he loves it, it embarrasses me but I must admit it also makes me wet and being in stores with no panties you know what that means, i not only smell of sex i have small trails running down my inner thighs

So to get my new shoes I must find a salesman to assist me and the rule is: If my guy can see and ERECTION develop in the salesmans pants i get the shoes, if not i dont.  WOW I have had a couple of awesome mfm sessions in back rooms

Try it , so fun and the shoes are a nice reminder and all who see love it so it is win win :)
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17 Responses Jul 10, 2012

Try painting your husbands toes . then have him tryon womens shoes . If he gets an erection you get the shoes .

Thank you for the great idea. I will have to do this soon

That's the way to make her earn her shoes!

Hopefully you get a lot of nice Shoes.

Makes me want to change careers!

******* hot story

Yeah, I love to do the same- it's amazing what you can get away with as a woman and it's amazing what kind of price reductions you get going shopping this way if the sales persons are men.

So true, imagine if we both went together

We surely would have so much fun together

Need pictures of you in the shoes. ;-)

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Wish we lived in the same city i love for you to come by my store and try on some shoes.

I wonder how many pairs of shoes you have already bought!

I love it! Wish I was a shoe sales man in your town.<br />
Thanks for sharing.

If I were a salesman you would be getting new shoes right now just reading about your adventure

Im sure u would get the shoes if i were the salesman

Can I buy you a pair please?

A very sexy story. I would love to fit you out with some shoes. And then follow up with a MFM.

have the salesmans hand tuch your ***** you wher terying them on ?