I Am A Very Talented Songwriter

When I was 6 years old I started to make up my own rhymes, because I couldn't write yet my mom wrote them down for me. I still remember my very first poem.

And I still write, I wrote a lot of great songs and poems. Because I've lived in three different countries and learned three different languages I write in three differed languages Russian, German and English. English is the third I learned and I write poems and songs in English that nobody believes I wrote. Because how can somebody who just came to America 3 years ago write something like that.  I know that I have got a very special gift and I just want to use it somehow, I want the world to see and hear my songs and poetry. I'm very talented and I know that. I need to find a way to make it public like write for some famous singers or something. please help me.

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7 Responses Jan 3, 2007

tres chouette! i can see you have talent i also like to write my own songs but i literally suck at it, i usually do it so i can sing them or make music and have a song and make a tune with it and sing it, wow that was weird well i love music and if you have a dream fight for it and dont give up.

the "Songwryter" is feeling great today <br />
listening to a great new country artist Me<br />
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Hi .........I am from Germany also.....how long did you live there ....love music, and have worked in the bussness for more then 10 years...play keyboards and sing ...write some of our music....<br />
Reden Sie HALLO zu mir .... lol. Ich bin von Falconsee 20 k im Westen von Berlin...<br />

my God tell me about it... Im a songwriter too<br />
when you know you know your good its all such a stupid game to watch the agents play. and the artists and different ways of promoting yourself who gets sold who buys out who buys in. who you know who you blow and who you get drunk.. if it means to you what my writing means to me,,,,, you know that you were good enough to get anything you strived for when your stratagies worked out in your favor

I'm happy to see that there are other songwriters here... I used to make my living as a songwriter, but it was a lot easier back then. Nowadays, even the big record companies are sweating over how to pay for their luxury homes. There are millions of songwriters who are all trying to make their living by doing what they love, and it's even harder because many singers now write their own songs. So to answer your question, Unicorn, you have to pay someone to record a demo of your best 2 songs. Don't pay just anyone with a studio to help you - but find someone whose recordings you like a LOT. Ask them what it will take to do a GOOD PRODUCTION of your songs. After getting the recordings done, the work of promotion begins. There are many books out regarding how to go about the next steps. It also depends on what you want to do. Do you want to sing on the records, that is, do you want to be an ARTIST? Or do you want to be a songwriter? These are just a few thoughts on your post. If you'd like to talk to me some more, just email me here.

Now, I can honestly say , " I know how you feel." I am the best song writer in the world. Bob Zimmerman, would take his hat off to me. I've even got two TV spots, with a group that tours world wide,..my songs have been sung in Sweeden, and I don't have a dime to show for it. But, God....I love writing more than sex.!!!!!

You could become a lyricist! Singers are always looking for hit songs and you could definitely make a awesome living doing that. My dad and his brother do it and i am currently writing my own lyrics too, but i yet to have sold them. Good luck!