Big Mary

This is a naughty story. I hope it doesn't offend the group.

In my younger days, I worked as a used car salesman at a major dealership. I made good money, enough to do what I wanted, when I wanted. I was also involved in politics, as I always have been. Democratic Party. We never win in Arizona, but we keep trying.

I went to a Democratic Party function one night. I knew the Chairwoman of the Party. I had gone to HS with her older daughter. The daughter I knew was kind of a tall gal, 5'9", my height. That was tall for a girl back then, but not unusual.

This evening her younger daughter was present, Mary. Mary was the spitting image of Linda Carter of Wonder Woman fame. Mary just had bigger breasts. I never knew her to wear a bra, I really don't think she could find one to fit her. She didn't need one. Her breasts protruded like the mythical WMD's. Nipples about as big as the ends of my thumbs. She was 6'51/2" without heels. Hence, her nickname, "Big Mary".

She caught my eye, and I hers. We chatted and had a few drinks. I told her what I did and where I worked, she told me she worked for her mother and the Party. The evening wound down, I said my goodbyes. She bent down slightly, gave me kiss on the cheek and said -"I hope to see you, sometime soon". I hoped to see her too, but didn't think the prospects were all that good.

The next evening I was on the night shift at the dealership, in the back of the office,
finishing up paperwork for a couple of deals I had going, before the buyers arrived.

There were 12 men on the floor that evening, salesmen and desk men, no women. I didn't hear her come in, although I remember hearing a strange noise, which I realized later on was the sound of 12 jaws hitting the floor simultaneously.

She was wearing heels, a silver sequined mini-dress that finished 4 inches below the red lace French cut panties she wore underneath. Like I said, I didn't hear, nor see her come in, so I was sitting down doing paperwork, when I felt a pair of soft manicured hands on my shoulders. She rolled me back and turned me around. She plopped herself in my lap, crossed her endless legs, leaving little to the imagination for the "boys". I think she did it deliberately. They loved it! She put her arms round my neck and gave me the biggest kiss. When she pulled away, she said loudly - "Sweetheart, I've missed you so!" Again, I think for the benefit of the boys.

We chatted for a few minutes and I told her I was tied up for the next two hours. I asked her to meet me at one of my local watering holes. She agreed and left. 2-3 hours later I showed up at the bar. She had a table and 5-6 drinks in front of her, courtesy of other admirers. We chatted, had a couple of drinks, went back to my apartment. That's when our love affair began.

I have many, many stories of sweet Mary. I will tell you just one, to try to define this divine woman, just a bit.

Mary called me one day and said - "I really need to see you". I could tell something had her worked up, so I told her to come on over. When she arrived she didn't need, nor want, a lot of foreplay. We just got down to it. The one thing about Mary, she is very, very vocal.
She doesn't issue orders, but if she really enjoys something, she let's you know. She let's everyone in the neighborhood know! She was like that this evening. Both my next door neighbors started pounding on the walls - "What are you doing to that woman in there? We're going to call the police!". We heard, but paid them no mind.

About 10 minutes later we heard a very forceful knock at the door. I figured I'd better answer it. I put a towel around myself and opened the door. There stood two very large policemen. They said - "We got a call about this apartment, said you were hurting a woman in here!". I said - "Officers, I'm not hurting anyone, come on in and take a look for yourselves". They came in, four or five steps.

I had the towel on, but Mary had not bothered to cover herself, nor even move. She was still splayed out, sweaty and glistening. Her magnificent womanhood staring them in the face. They were both frozen and couldn't look up at her face for several long seconds. When they finally did, she was smiling sexily at them and said softly - "Is there a problem, officers?". They finally stammered out a reply - "No Miss, just please try to keep it down a little?".

I'll bet good money that this is a story those two fine "boys in blue" never get tired of telling. Again and again.

DogAZ007 DogAZ007
46-50, M
Jul 12, 2010