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I Love Tall Women...

I really love very tall, long legged women, but they don't seem interested in me! I'm not short myself, 6 ft and not bad looking at all, but it seems tall women are only interested in beefy stocky men or in 6' 4''+ giants. So I don't understand those tall women who complain about shorter men not being interested, unless they don't have some other issue besides height...
Katten196 Katten196 36-40, M 2 Responses Dec 30, 2010

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I'm 5'9" and I don't mind someone your height. :)

They're probably too blind to see.

Well, Blondy, that's the point. If you tall girls think a 6' well proportioned guy is too small for you, then you can't complain that 'normal' guys don't approach you! Even in Scandinavia, 6' 4''+ guys are just a tiny % of the population. Fortunately I dont only like very tall girls, if one is at least 5' 5'' is enough for me, so I will give the taller one a wide berth and concentrate on those that don't require a man is a professional NBA basket pla<x>yer to have a chance...