Me Want Snoo Snoo!

I am pretty freaking tall .... always have been ....I think I finally am maxed out at about 6' .

Thank god....

Any taller and um ....

there would be death by snoo snoo ..... just saying.
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*ROFL* That is hysterical, love the Futurama reference.

Six foot is great, unique and the perfect size for 6'4" guys. <br />
<br />
Finding other tall women seems harder but find what you like and enjoy it. <br />
<br />
BTW I liked that episode - the whole series. Glad they brought it back. There is some Fry and Bender in every guy. If you find Leela odd, look at how many guys go for her over the other women.

Oh thats priceless!! Very very funny :)

I do not see the big deal we are getting taller every generation now, and I am 6' 1" so it is o big deal to me and if you love someone or know them dose anything really keep you apart?<br />
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Sincerely, Country

Astory,<br />
<br />
Hard to hide in public and pictures. If someone asks "wher is G" they just say "See that head over there on isle "5" that is him. <br />
Then in pictures I look like the teacher of kindergarden class. Everyone is about the same height but me. <br />
<br />
More than a "where's waldo" for we are easy to see. Plus life can be easy. Change a light bulb, use the top of the fridge, clean the car windsheild from jsut one side. Lots of things.

Ahh yes :) Love a tall woman! Very sexy ;P

lol im gonna start telling people im 5' 11" ....then maybe I wont get such a "WOW" reaction. haha!<br />
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But yeah I know what you mean. Us tall folks stick out in a crowd like a sore thumb ( still dont know what that saying means .... but yeah.) In fact I remember ...around last year, I went to a concert, and the scene was a bunch of pre teen girls I was pretty much towering over every single one of them awkward .... I never felt more out of place in my entire life haha!

lol...I am 5'11''...well thats what I tell everyone prob more 6' and a wee bit hehe<br />
<br />
it sux *** to be so tall, i mean like, its impossible to just ;blend in with thye crowd' , and its also kinda hard not to look condecending lol cos you cant help but always look down on people....sux *** <3<br />
<br />
<br />
<3 tink <3

Haha immediately after I posted this ... I popped that bad boy in my dvd pla<x>yer and watched that episode :P Never gets old :P <br />
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Ahhh 5'5 is average! I wish I was that height ...then maybe I wouldnt look like the jolly green giant .... minus the green.

Lmao 'death by snoo snoo' I love the rerun of that episode.<br />
But wow, you really are tall, i'm pretty short. 5'5. That's how i roll!


Oh im sure its already in the making as we speak.

why is it that i think some **** directors going to read this and make it into a cheap movie? or is that just me

I only Snoo Snoo with other tall women willing to Snoo Snoo. That way no one dies :P

Yeah ... im taller than a lot of dudes lol. <br />
<br />
And dont worry ... its not for beating you with *wink*wink*

haha your taller than me :P and wow.... please don't beat me rto death with that club

Hey ... its vintage. Dont be jealous! <br />
<br />
Perhaps you didnt notice the enormous club in my hand?

Its true ... dont laugh at my tall stature. Or were you laughing at my grass skirt? ...cause thats not okay either :P