Yep I'm Tall Too.

i'm 6' 2'' barefoot, 6' 3'' is what i normally say to people. aside from bashing my head on low things, i think it's kinda neat. i'm also not a thin build, more of a muscular build. so i weigh a fair bit at 210 lbs.

i've never dated anyone taller than me. but then being gay, it's not as likely as if i was straight. i did date a few guys before when i was still figuring things out and thought i must be bi, but they were all quite short actually.

i don't seem to notice other peoples' heights unless they're pointed out in conversation. one time i was sparring with a woman who's 5' 0'' and i never noticed until after the match when she said so. i have an interesting dynamic going on with my martial arts, actually. i'm quite slow, but i have a fairly long reach... but i still have to make up for the comparative slowness so i edge that out by being unorthodox... which comes naturally to me and makes it more fun... and having more fun, i do it better... but then the opponent's almost always quicker. so yeah i like that. interesting dynamic. i love actually to grapple and do throws and slams, despite the way that if i were shorter at the same weight it'd be a lot easier with most throws. i am training toward a career in pro wrestling. i like how i stand out.
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Dang 6'3" 210? I'm 5'7" 120. how is your pro wrestling thing going? Would be fun to spar even though there is quite a size mismatch :P

Wow Your 6'3" Tall and Weigh 210 lbs I'm a guy I stand 4'4" Tall Barefoot but I wear boots with 3" heels to be taller I weigh between 85-95 lbs I guess You could lift me with one hand j/k i think lol

You rock! <br />
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Sincerely,<br />
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5'9" :)

Love your height cos i am the same! Would you like to chat?<br />
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Haha, I'm only 5'8" and not muscular at all. You could probably throw me out of the wrestling ring!<br />
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Seriously though, I like how you don't let your height bother you. :)

cool thanx matey! we're all just a random bunch of randomness in all attributes, so might as well feel good about it, whatever they may be... that's my basic viewpoint on that.