I Woman?

I am kindof an imposter, but I look like a very tall woman. I am 6' 1" tall. I have a hard time finding shoes. I wear size 10 - 12 depending on the shoe (with size 10 killing my feet most of the time, but if it is a "TO DIE FOR" shoe well you know. I went into this discount shoe place today, and the prices were incredible. I think the most expensive shoe I saw was $12 and it was a knock our pair of pumps, but they only ran to size 10. And thier 10's were running small. I was soo disappointed. Dresses are another thing though. I am now officially in a size 14 dress, and the styles are getting better. I like short dresses and skirts and what a selection now to choose from.
Well anyway, I hope to find a "girlfriend" who likes to go shopping and trying on clothes. It would be fun to see each other in our selections.
MaryAnn4665 MaryAnn4665
46-50, M
Feb 17, 2012