Living As A Tall Woman

At times I wish I was not so tall due to regular length mini skirts are really really short on me and it is hard to find a miniskirt that is the right length for me to wear with my silk stockings, garter belt, and High heels, the mini skirts that I had tried on are so short on me that you can see the garter belt straps and the very tops of the stocking welts.

I came up with a solution to this little problem by purchasing regular knee length skirts and hemming them up to fit like a mini skirt and that was the only solution that I came up with. I learned how to sew and make simple skirts and dresses while living with my grandmother in scotland for she had her own dress shop and made all sorts of clothing both for men and women alike.

For the life of me can not use a sewing machine but give me a needle and thread and I can sew a nice skirt or dress that looked like it was sewn by a machine. Being a tall woman and working with a lot of male employees has advantages as well as disadvantages ur trying to set on a chair or couch and crossing your legs for the skirt or dress will ride up your legs and the men that are around get a nice picture of my tall long shapely legs.
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My 2 fav local lovelies are both 6'3" & SO warm & friendly & open<br />
<br />
Google multi instrumentalist songwriter QueenTantrum Rocks<br />
<br />
As 'Magenta', Emma wears dierce makeup on stage, but she's a sweetie to talk to<br />
<br />
If U R out there, Emma, we sat together, several times. @ the rockin Liverpool Lighthouse, Anfield - @ 100 metres from The Kop

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I'm 5'10 and love mini-skirts,heels and garters also. If you're in good shape, show it honey! the men love it and the women are jealous of your look!

I am 6' 1" tall without heels and 6' 4" with my 5" heels. 5" heels only add 3 1/2" to your height.

Dang I'm only 5'7" lmao

Wow ! very sexy ! how tall dear? im 6'5" . you can wear ur heels with me anythime. And i adore ladies who wear stockings and garter belts with short skirts and heels . growl xo peter