6'2 And Proud!

I've been this height since the age of 12.. I was always that tall girl in all my classes.. I was a little subconscious about my height, so I use to slump over so I would appear shorter.. As time passed and I grew up, so did my shoe size.. At age 8 I wore a size 8 shoe, at 9 a size 9, at 10 a size 10.. I started to get a little nervous.. Fortunately my foot stopped growing at 12.. High school was tuff, but I sucked it up, poked my chest out, and held my head high.. And no I never played basket ball during school (everyone asks that question).. Now I have no complex or insecurities.. I love to wear high heeled shoes ( It sets me at about 6'5, but who cares).. I have come to find that men love tall women, half the time they are intimidated and don't know how to approach an amazon queen.. I am a proud 6 footer and I love my height... My daughter is 11 and is already 5'6.. She probably wont be as tall as I am but she will be tall.. As her mother I will teach her to love herself and embrace her flaws..
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That's such a great attitude. Excellent for you and your daughter :) Awesome!

Im 5'10" , can you give from your height ?! Lol
Enjoy your height , its super tall , and its give you extra beauty

I am a man, and I indeed love very tall woman. <br />
<br />
At the other hand, there are not too many, where I live. <br />
<br />
I'm not intimidated at all, yet perhaps 99% of 'taller' woman (relative, not absolute) reject shorter men in every kind of relationship, even just friendship. I believe, much more men are open to a friendship or relationship to a tall(er) woman, then the other way round. I would suggest, probably 20% of men would freely consider it with joy or enthusiasm, or even exclusive preference. <br />
Most however, would not express such, out of fear, not for the particular tall woman, but for the generally hostile social environment who would denigrate, ridicule and attack the couple in their freedom of social interactions (and especially the man) when this relationship shows up. <br />
If it's not the woman herself, then it's her (and/or his) environment who makes normal life (for both) impossible. In the reason why the woman herself rejects it, is included exactly the same violent social control probability. "What will the people think of ME, if I come up with a shorter guy?" So, even if personal feelings would agree (or love it), even then, the fear for what would happen in the social context, repulses, and makes them say "no". <br />
<br />
Even then, we actually SEE such couples. They exist. They probably both had a much stronger character to face the hostilities then average people, OR were so exclusively happy, to possess a unique circle of friends that were open and accepting, perhaps sustaining. Think about it : that is RARE, very rare ! The hostilities are real, and largely supported by the majority of both men and women. The fact that social hostile behaviour in fact is a humanistic defined crime (it fits in Human rights declaration, 'freedom', 'discimimation' and different other topics) is not preventing that nothing ever is done against it, because it's supported by the majority of people...... <br />
<br />
I can only say, that I personally, prefer very explicitely a MUCH taller women. My genuine dream is about 6-12 inch taller... <br />
Prefer... = it does not mean I would not be able to love someone shorter, if other qualities were overwhelmingly makin me love some woman; a situation which I had, for almost 20 years, in a relationship, but it does not change a bit at what I actually and eternally PREFER... <br />
<br />
If we could break the social-criminality regarding these 'fixed values', MUCH more couples with "reverse height" proportions would appear in the streets, instantly. This criminal social control, un-punished ever, is very similar to all those discriminations against woman in Islam countries. It's very hypocrit to judge those circumstances, and sustain/protect these I just described.

Wow, you've been 6'2" since you were 12? Good for you for being confident of being tall. You're so inspiring. I'm only 5'9" and I like and dislike my height, but I've been told it's a good thing; even though I wish I was average height. You're lucky to be 6'2". =)

I am a firm believer in embracing who you are and loving your flaws.. No one will love you like you!.. Sure, it's difficult at first but try to look at all the positives of being unique and most likely the good will out weigh the bad.. Thanx for you comment.. Stand tall and proud.. No matter what height you are.. ;)