Feeling Too Tall

I am a very tall Chinese girl. I am 6'2". Well, I tell people that. 6'3" is more like it - or to be totally honest 6'3.5".  Actually, that's an evening measurement, early in the morning, I closer to  6'4". That's tall for a white girl, for an Asian it's unreal. I just turned 19 and I seem to have stopped growing (thank god!!). It took awhile to be sure; between age 17 and 18 I grew somewhere between a quarter and half an inch. I'm getting more comfortable with it now, but when I was younger it was extremely awkward. I was never predicted to be so tall. They said 5'10" to 5'11". At the beginning of 7th grade I was 5'6" and by far the tallest of my friends. That year I grew 3 inches and people started to compare me to some of the boys to determine who was the tallest in the class. In 8th grade I put on 2 and a half more inches. Near the end of the year, at almost 5'11" I went to the 8th grade dance with a boy who was 5'6"! The tall boys all went with the short girls! The time I started to feel unusually tall was after our 8th grade class photos. We all took pictures in groups of 3 to 5 people. In mine, I and 3 other girl were standing next to a fence. They were probably 5'0" to 5'3" and when I saw the picture I was shocked. I didn't really notice it before the picture, but none of them came up higher than my chest! I looked like a telephone pole next to them and I started to think "God!, I am really really TALL".  That summer I went to visit my Grandma for 2 months. All my relatives were amazed at my height. I told one person I was going to be a freshman next year and he said, "what college?".  My dad kept track of our heights on a door sill. I grew half an inch in 2 months at my Grandma's house. I was starting to feel worried and self conscious. I talked to the doctor and he said I probably wouldn't grow much more. Unfortunately for me it would take some time for things to wind down.  Half an inch may not seem like much - maybe I grew some after my dad's last measurement - but when I went back to school all my friends were saying "you grew! you grew! Oh my God!". It didn't help my feelings any. Sometime in early in 9th grade I passed 6 feet and by 10th grade I was well over 6'1". I grew another inch in 10th grade and was over 6'2" by the end of the school year. Early high school was the hardest time for me. I was so tall that I was starting to get stares and glances at the grocery store and shopping mall. I would measure myself often and every few months I would be a quarter inch or so taller. It didn't seem to have an end, I would just grow and grow and grow. Two years in a row the doctor told me I would stop but my body wasn't listening and just grew and grew. Every now and then, one of my friends would look at me funny and ask, "Hey!, are you taller??!!" I remember going to a clothing store where the clerk helped me find pants long enough to fit me. I didn't go back for maybe 8 months. When I did, the same clerk recognized me right away and within 2 minutes said, "You look taller! - did you grow?". Later she asked if I was still growing. It really annoyed me but she just wanted to know if I wanted to buy my cloths a little long.  It was slowing down though. In 11th grade I grew less than an inch. In 12th less than half an inch. Now at 6'3.5" I actually do feel better about it. There are advantages you don't understand in 9th grade. But I still don't think I would choose it. I still wonder what it would be like going through high school not looking like a bean pole. Or what it is like to be an adult at 5'0" - I height I haven't experienced since... well since fourth grade!

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Hello Bettyu.
It is interesting that you told understated your height. I think this is common, especially for tall women.
My previous girlfriend (who played volleyball for Japan) always gives her height as 193 cm. I am 185cm, and I felt really short next to her, so there is no way she is 'only' 193-more like 196!!

Dude, being tall is awesome. You ALWAYS look slim, you have long SEXY legs, you can wear and show off long dresses, you can wear turtle necks and still look elegant, you don't HAVE to wear high heels, people don't think you're underage and they usually take you seriously, and people don't give you the ******* *patpat* on the head!! UGH HOW AWESOME.

I'm 5 ft and one miserable inch. Sigh. Why? WHY?

Some guys like tall women, I only read the first 2 sentences

Bettyu, just look at this way, you're unique and that's a good thing in my opinion!

I myself find taller women very sexual and sensual. I love their longer legs and muscular builds are a big turnon! Yes there are men out there for you for sure! Keep an open mind and be proactive you will be fine. Just believe in yourself and I wish you and other taller women the very best! I believe you command respect because you deserve it!

I am 5"7.5' and my husband thinks I am way to tall. I have developed a severe insecurity about my height now. Funny thing, as I read your story I want to reassure you that your beautiful as you are but that would be hypocritical of me now wouldn't it? I also dream of being 5"0 as that is what my husband finds extremely attractive and sexy. He is 6"4' and finds my height intimidating (his very own words). For me, I personally hate being tall but only since meeting him. I use to feel confident and beautiful. Don't let anyone make you feel this way ever.

You're husband is a jerk for making you feel this way. If he is 6'4" and feels intimidated by you because you are 5'7" is has some serious self-esteem issues. I am a 6'2" female and my husband is 5'11". He never puts me down for my height; he loves me exactly the way I am. If you're husband likes women who are 5'0" why did he pick you?! Why did you pick him?

You seem well-adjusted, and appear attractive from your thumbnail photo...

Off-topic, do any of you keep or kept growing after the end of your teens ? I was 6'7'' when I joined and I'm scraping 7' now.

That's weird, especially since most girls stop when they're 16-18!

Yeah I worried I might have had gigantism or some **** and die by 40, but I stopped pretty much where I was when I said that. So I'm just a badass amazonian freak after all

Well I hope you're embracing your height!

Hell yeah, I love being a giant ************

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Wow I would feel really short to You since i stand a towering 4'4" Tall Barefoot

be proud of yourself, not ashamed! you sound like you look totally awesome! i stand a little shorter than you at a shade below 6' 3'', but similar nonetheless. i'd date you in a snap, if you were a bit older... but then it sounds like you're into men. and miles away!<br />
<br />
anyway the point i'm trying to make is that us tall girls are hot stuff and you should walk around with an inner grin knowing that other people think you're totally hot.

reall don't know why guy like petite bodies..i'm a small guy and i do love tall and small women..but i prefer tall ones....they are more sexy..more confident...more lovely, sweet and tender....

The mesuring on a door part made me laugh. My mother did that when I was a kid, then she had to use a step and before I left she just couldn't cause I passed the 6' of the door. Now that door is at my chin and I can't go through it without bending down or breaking the fr<x>ame.

having family members who are of great height makes me have an idea of what your going through.I myself stand 6'1 but the main thing is your healthy whenever I hear people complain about something like height it makes me think at least your not like my brother who has Cerebral Palsy. so stand tall and proud there are many men out there who will love you no matter how tall you get! Some men prefer very tall women! <br />
<br />
Good luck,Bill

Who great story. I can understand where your feelings are coming from but personally i love being 6ft 5 and how it makes the guys uneasy etc.

you should be proud of who you are :) . we might not be able to choose what we're born with, but we do choose what we do with it. as well as our attitude towards it.<br />
have fun with it. you're unique; not many tall, long legged Asian girls out there.heh, in my book, that alone makes you special. <br />
<br />
shi xi, ni shi hen piaoliang :-) (pardon any mistakes, my mandarin is a bit rusty)<br />
<br />
always remember

I wish I could be petite. All cute and looking up to the boys. I feel I'd be so much more comfortable. Being tall is not fun for me. I hate it i want to be cute like other girls and not feel all big and like a man. :( Im in 9th grade and im 5'9 :

The word "cute" has been used to describe things smaller, and associated with other words like "innocent," "fragile," "adorable," etc. It has been given greater connotation because of it being used to describe more specific things. I tend to think the word "cute" should be saved for children aged 6 and under. Why hasn't society tried to articulate better words for describing taller and attractive women? I mean describing with words that are not used so loosely.

aw, i would hate to be that tall (no offence) because i dont think i would suit it, but normaly when you are that tall it is because you are ment to be, just be a rich and famous super model. You wont regret it ;) im 13 and im 5"7, and i think i will grow to be about 5"9,

you girls should just be supermodels!

only ectomorph-build (natural thin body type) women get to be supermodels. and even from that standpoint, they have to get unhealthily, dangerously and unnaturally thin still. so yeah, no chance for that with me! aside from not being selectable in the first place, i'd never do that to my body anyway.