Tall And Very Proud Of That Fact.

I am 6' tall with inside leg measurement of 36" I am sure there must be other women on here that can beat that, Please let me know.

Finding trousers is difficult there's LTS I don't like much of what they sell, some high street stores now have a "tall section" New Look is the only one that regularly has trousers long enough but alas just boring colours and styles. Think of the style and colour of trousers we have to choose from (here in the UK) from a few shops to what height impaired (short arsed) have to choose from. IT'S NOT DAMN WELL FAIR!!!!!

What a lot of people don't seem to realize about us is that it's not just the legs, arm length is too short, the waistline is in the wrong place, the tucks/darts and seams for the boobs are also in the wrong place.

I remember going into a changing room once and they had those saloon style doors but if I stood up in the changing room you could see me from the boobs upwards, how embarrassing. 

I can't believe the amount of companies on the web that advertise clothes for tall women and don't specify the leg length ( which means they stop at "normal" length) one site said they go all the way up to 31".

One site I went onto were advertised on a few tall women sites and all they sold were hideous suits for MEN! Thanks guys. 

Please share your thoughts and experiences with me, I shall speak to you soon.

Keep standing tall and proud and don't forget the HEELS  

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I had a Girlfriend that had an inside leg of 36inch
But she was only 5ft6

i've heard good things about alloy, search it on google. and the gap's not bad if they have it in the uk. <br />
<br />
6 ft 4 :)

http://www.longtallsally.com good website for tall women, best ive found