6ft 9

In terms of my body i feel a bit like a freak, but i love it. Im 6'9 tall so i tower over a load of the men i date. I am also skinny, joined with my very large boobs is very rare i feel. I love it im unique. Ofc this all bring problems but doesnt everything?

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Since I stand 4'4" tall I guess YOU do tower over me and I can't reach Your Boobs

Hey there Very Tall & Sexy (i Blush). i'm not sure if YOU remember me but it is all of 4'4"tall lilcowboy aka Bob if YOU do remember me

I am sure it is hard sometimes but you get unique advantages as well!

Sounds super hot to me!

Hey there Tall & Sexy it's me Bob Your tiny 4'4" friend probably standing between Your Legs wishing You a "Happy Holidays" and looking up to another part of You that i can't reach so i wrap my arms almost around Your Leg and give a Hug & Kiss to Your Leg. xoxoxo (me Blush)

You are definately unique :) and I like that :)=

I love tall women I think tall women are the right kind of friends for me I'm quite as tall as yourelf but I know what it is to be taller than many I have been with.

your not a freak..even I'm over 6 foot doesn't make you a freak..just unique

The word 'Amazon' will not come in2 it - do not feel urself a freak, I'm 6'2" - that means I can suck ur Big ******* without bending down...& sliding things in without bending my knees

"...6'2" with a big 9 inch ****..." - we need 2 meet

mmm..lets see a peek!

I am 5 9 1/2 233 50 inch chest and would love to have you on my arm

Nice, must be great being very tall though!

Ha most guys must really love it if you're a hugger ;) 6'2" myself, I think something pretty awesome about you would be right at eye level for me

Hah. I have Giantism so I'm right there with you. I'm 7'3'' x3 Luckily the two surgeries I had stopped my growing. So now I'm just growing up top xD

Wow a woman as tall as me lol

You sound like my dream girl :)

Embrace your height. Be confident and own it. You aren't going to magically shrink- so that is you and if you don't take control then no one else will get past what stops yourself. If you get stuck on your height, which I like and your boobs, which I love, so will the people around you..

I'm 6'2" myself and would LOVE to meet such a tall woman as you, makes me feel inadequate and small. And it gives a new view of your cleavage as your huge breasts would be nearer of my head than normal womens breasts. You are my fantasy coming true, thanks so much for sharing your story,

You are going to fine.....always be confident!...and you will be hot and sexy! Enjoy the ride!

Would love to see you in real life :)

My friend in high school grew to be 6' 9". His nickname for himself was "520" as in 5 foot 20 inches tall.

im 5, 7 , the view would be interesting , black eyes me thinks

Don't worry, you sound sensational to me

OMG U could really place Ur boobs ontop my head so i could hide under Ur boobs huh is that barefoot so Ur boobs be above me if U were in heels so i guess top my head at Ur waist no way whoa

What is your inside leg measurement then?<br />
How high are the heel you wear?

What is your inside leg measurement then?<br />
How high are the heel you wear?

I know a 6 ft tall woman. He tells everyone she's 5'12"

hi if your 6'6 how tall are you in heels? i never met anyone that is 6'6 so i not have a clue where i would come up to you since i stand 4'4 barefoot and i'm not a midget i'm just short my name is Bob

Nope not at all i actually enjoy it, makes a change from the normal couples you see :P

talk about a dream come true :)

Wow!!! i could rest my boobs on your head :P

Well you dont need heels to tower over me, as ur already 1ft 6inches taller than me.

Only if i want revenge for something would i do that.

You are such a cheater! ; ) Are you going to make me wear heels too then?

Still gonna be taller than you in my heels :P

I'm 6'6" so the only problem I can see is that I haven't met you yet! lol

You sound like a dream :) Very unique, and very sexy.