Take Me Deep

Take me into you
Rock me to my core
Make me feel a desire
A hunger for you more and more.

Wrap me up in your passion
Keep me in your sights
Hold me close to your heart
As day turns to night.

Lay with me in darkness
With candle fire the only light
Lost in our fantasy
That fills us with delight.

Kiss me with meaning
Let me feel your soul
Give me your heart
The key that only I control.

Be one with me
My lover and my friend
The one I want for always
Until forever's end.

Dreampoet Dreampoet
41-45, M
4 Responses Dec 5, 2012

Awesome writing!

Thank You

Gosh bb, your sexy, romantic, kinky, handsome and so on...In my neighbourhood its called an all dressed type of delicious lover ;)

why do I read Double Penetration on your dp? I need serious help...lol

I have many sides.

Oh yeah, I'm the whole package I guess you would say.


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Thank you...

The lady who finds you and is perfect for you will be VERY, VERY lucky and blessed!

that really was awesome!

Thank you